Here, we as outgoing and incoming Erasmus students share our experiences to this incredible community.

Erasmus+ year was the best year of my life. I went to Santander, Spain. Through my journey I met with so many people from different countries and learnt a lot from them. Now I have so many friends from everywhere as my family. After my Erasmus+ experience I joined ESN and wanted to help people who come to İzmir for their own Erasmus journey. -Yağmur Olgun

Traveling, having international friends and the change in the way of thinking. Erasmus memories will be the best forever. There is no sad part of it because it never ends. It makes you a different person in a good way for the rest of your life. -Taner Gündoğan

I have completed my Erasmus journey during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic. When you say like this it sounds so hard and boring maybe but I had the experience of life that I’ll tell even to my grandchildren. Thanks to Erasmus+ for giving me friends like family and thousands of beautiful memories. -Hande Gül Pala

I can say that Erasmus was the best experience I have had. As a foreign student, living abroad and learning about its culture definitely opened up my horizons and gave me good things in every sense. It was a completely different pleasure for me to see the Scandinavian culture and lifestyle in particular. -Sude Kılıç

My  Erasmus+ journey has taught me that I am capable of doing anything I imagine. I traveled alone and experienced so many things that I could not even imagine before starting my exchange. I came back as a brand new person with wider dreams and bigger goals knowing that there is a huge world out there waiting for me, filled with people I love and see as a family now. It was the best experience and the best year of my life. -Meleknur Gördegir

Erasmus+ made me more outgoing, social and talkative person. Throughout six months, I traveled to 15 countries and 34 cities. I met entertaining and helpful people as well as experienced various culture and traditions. Thanks to Erasmus+, I could save lots of special memories on people, countries and culture. -Başak Pırıl Gökayaz