Welcome on board, our phoenix Britney is so happy to see you all!

Have you heard about our magnificent welcome weeks before? Well, now you have. Normally we would go crazy, but we have to keep it chill this year! What is waiting for you?

We will start our welcome week with a welcome ceremony and tell you all about ESN, it’s a tradition here, and a speed meeting will follow it just to know you more and more!

Movie nights? We love them here. Up next event is a chill movie watching on a shared platform so we can chit chat during the movie. Yay or Nay? We’ll see! Find us as @esn_ege on Instagram and follow us to see our monthly calendars and all about our events! 

PS: Just to have an idea of our previous welcome week, you can watch our YouTube video of 2019 down below

Welcome Week 2019