• Vurun Kahpeye, Halide Edib Adıvar (1926)

“Your land is my land, your home is my home. For this place, for this land’s children, I will be a mother, a light and I will not fear anything, I swear!”

It is a work that tells about the struggle of a young and idealist teacher named Aliye against the ignorant village people in a village. They both stubborn. From the eyes of a teacher, society and women were also studied, along with the importance of education, Anatolia and the War of Independence.

  • Puslu Kıtalar Atlası, İhsan Oktay Anar (The Atlas of Misty Continents, 1995)

 “Go and see what I cannot see, touch what I cannot touch, love what I cannot love, and even suffer that this father dares not suffer. Do not be afraid of the world and its many states. "

The book is set in the late seventeenth century, when the Ottoman Empire was pushing into Europe, culminating in the failed Siege of Vienna. The geopolitical situation, however, does not really concern our characters. Indeed, the first person we meet is a pirate. He is İhsan the Arab. Every character we meet has a colourful story behind him, with Anar giving full rein to his inventiveness in each case. The characters are not always human – the characters with a colourful story include a bear, a monkey and a book.

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