From the beginning of this semester, firstly we made Speed Meeting after that we made a great Turkish Breakfast event and Sigthseeing of beauties of İzmir. Then ESN TR made a Grand Welcome party. We continued with Turkish cousine night and Bowling night which is an event people mostly enjoyed. Then with ESN Yasar we made a Beerpong Tournament. And an pop-up Ice skating event which Erasmus students really wanted to do. Then Exibition tour to Arkas Art Center for art lovers among us. ESN TR made a Grand Halloween party and after that they made a Cappadocia tour. After our tiring exam period we need to relax and made a Turkish Night Event. Then we made a Karaoke night to see secret talents among us. ESN TR made “Ice-Kissed event” tour to Uludag and Eskisehir. Lastly ESN IUE, ESN DEU and us made a Netflix Party and watched a movie about Christmas.

Interview with Erasmus Students ! - Their Experience in Turkey and more !

8th of March Women's Day

Welcome Week 2019