ESN Turkey represents ResponsEAbility! A party intertwined with ExchangeAbility.

Big chance of enjoying the international party of Erasmus and Exchange students in İzmir. Let's celebrate our moments like the best ones!
All Erasmus students in İzmir are gathering at this fancy party with the support of ESN Turkey all İzmir sections.
Our main aim is to bust the hangover while creating a healthy drinking atmosphere. Enjoy the party but while you're having fun, also remember that you should be aware of your well-being and your future. A night full of fun with your friends. We are expecting those who want to stay up all night at an ESN party, not in front of the TV. Would not you like to have fun with this different party concept? So let's join the biggest event with two ESN Projects; ResponsEAbility!

15 TL Entrance + 1 Beer
(20 TL without ESNcard)
(Tickets will be sold for 20 Turkish Liras at the gate.)

* When: 
14th of April, 10 PM

* Where:
Eskici, Alsancak

If we want to talk about this fun party games;

-Pass the orange, passing on to your orange friend who you hold in your neck without using your hands
-Eat like a bird, eating food with closed eyes and hands
-Wall in the dark, completing the path that will be formed with eyes closed
-Beer pong

Please, contact your local ESN section to get your ticket. If you don't have one, follow the office hours which will be announced soon...

14/04/2017 - 22:00 to 15/04/2017 - 03:00
Eskici Alsancak

Med'Ness : Homecoming Edition