Aim of the event: 

Promote mobilityRaise Awareness

Goal of the event: 

The goal of this event is to raise awareness about the people who have Down Syndrome and to support them. So everybody could understand the difficulties in their life and feel empathy with them.

Short description of the event: 

It is the first Exchange Ability event of ESN Ege. We will visit Down Cafe and give our best to support the staff. First of all, we will meet them in the cafe and after that, we will talk altogether. 
Then the staff and we will write something meaningful and sign the t shirt that we will bring with us. This t shirt will be kept as a beautiful memory of that day.

20/03/2017 - 14:00 to 17:00
Bornova Down Kafe
  • Everyone is invited.

Med'Ness : Homecoming Edition