Welcome to our beautiful city İzmir. Are you ready to discover the historical city center of İzmir which has many mysterious and exotic places for you to explore?

Let’s track down these hidden beauties with a Treasure Hunt designed for fun and learning.

The event, which aimed to familiarize you with Izmir's many cultural treasures will be on 11th of October 2019 in Kemeraltı (An historic and oriental traditional market place which you can see and smell hundreds years of history)

“There will be also a special party with little surprises for you after the “Across Europe” themed event. 

Let’s come together and enjoy….

What is Treasure Hunt?

A popular game throughout many tourist destinations across the world, treasure hunt games aim to draw attention to and inform participants about specific areas by solving mysteries placed throughout the planned route. In these events, the best teams draw upon their knowledge of popular culture, local geography, history, and arts in solving many puzzles each filled with mini-mysteries. The success in the game depends on the teams’ ability to read their maps. The first team to correctly solve all the puzzles and fulfill all of their tasks wins the game.

The sense of discovery, excitement and happiness is universal in human beings. It is in people's nature to be curious about solving a mystery and uncovering the unknown. What treasuring hunting events do is to feed this curiosity and give the opportunity to learn the city while having great fun.

Historical City Center:

One of Izmir's most important tourist attraction is its Historical City Center.  Spanning Kemeraltı, Basmane and Kadifekale districts and a period of 2500 years, Izmir Historical City Center bears the traces of the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Principalities, Ottoman and the Republic eras culture and architecture examples. Home to distinct eras, religions and cultures, along with myriad architectural works where they come to life, the region basically serves as an open-air museum.

In addition to the historical locations, the traditional crafts, unique flavors served by the historical boutique restaurants, 150,000 daily visitors, 15,000 businesses, and a product variety of 800,000 also render the region a bustling commercial hub.  

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So we are waiting you to participate one of the most exotic and enjoyable experiences for students.

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no participation fee required.
  • Everyone is invited.

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